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GTN-H Coordinating Panel - Terms of Reference

The purpose of the GTN-H Coordinating Group is to carry out the work necessary to establish and foster the development of the GTN-H observing system. The GTN-H can be defined as a global hydrological network for climate that builds on existing networks and data centres, producing value-added products through enhanced communications and shared development.

The Terrestrial Observation Panel for Climate (TOPC), sponsored by GCOS and GTOS, proposed the concept and scope of the GTN-H at a meeting in Geisenheim, Germany in June, 2000. The report of the meeting WMO/TD-No. 1047 is available as a .pdf here: http://www.fao.org/gtos/doc/pub26.pdf .

The GTN-H Coordinating Group is accountable to TOPC.

The main responsibilities of the GTN-H Coordinating Group include:

  1. The definition of the GTN-H system and its components. This will need to be refined as the system evolves.
  2. The routine assessment and documentation of user requirements for GTN-H global and regional data products, and of the availability and adequacy of GTN-H products to meet these needs.
  3. The use and sharing of current and emerging technology and standards, best practices and available infrastructure to foster the development of the GTN-H.
  4. Participation in the development and maintenance of global-scale data products.
  5. Engagement of other partners and use of existing institutional arrangements, infrastructure and policies to help build the GTN-H.
  6. The use of communication and outreach methods to maximize support and collaboration for the GTN-H.

Table of Members of the Coordination Panel

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